DALLAS (CBS11) – A violent mob attack on a DART rider earlier this week has prompted increased security at train stops throughout the rail system.

Investigators said Kennan Jones was beaten up by seven riders after he asked a few of them to stop smoking marijuana.

 “It’s unfortunate, it’s the world we live in,” said Gannon Kennedy, who rides the green line. “Between this station and the one over by Baylor, there’s a lot of nonsense that goes on down here.”

DART promised more patrols shortly after video of the attack went viral.

On Friday night, DART officers could be seen patrolling on several platforms as well as riding the trains on several lines.

“That’s you know sort of how it goes, is that you build the fence after the horse has ran away,” said Kennedy.

While police are still searching for five of the attackers, two who are suspected were just arrested. Police said they are both Whataburger employees who were in uniform during the incident.

Remon Hendrix, 23, is now in jail along with his younger brother Jakobi Hendrix, 21.

hendrixes DART Pledges More Security After Rider Attacked

Jakobi (L) and Remon Hendrix (R) (credit: Dallas Police Department)

“I want to apologize to the guy and his family for the situation and not evaluating the situation fast enough where I could have separated it and all of this from happening,” said Jakobi Hendrix during an interview with Newsradio 1080 KRLD.

Some who rely on DART said the attack does not change anything.

“This one isolated incident doesn’t project on DART as a whole,” remarked one rider.

But for others, they feel the increased presence of police is too little, too late.

“Just that I could be on the DART and something like that could happen, makes you feel unsafe,” said Katherine Dyer, a DART rider.

DART is also calling upon the 13 cities its trains run through to also help with patrols.