DALLAS (CBS11) – A secret road crew group in Oak Cliff took matters into their own hands after growing tired of waiting for the City of Dallas to fix a dangerous intersection.

The group targeted the intersection where Seventh Street, Tyler Street and Kings Highway meet.

Some residents say the intersection is dangerous and offers little direction to drivers in terms of road markers.

“You’re putting your life at risk walking across 80 feet of asphalt,” said Ryan Behring, who lives nearby.

Behring and his family live feet away from where the five directions of traffic flow into each other. He said he has a front-row seat to all of the collisions and near misses.

“You just hear a bang,” said Behring.

Behring and other residents have long wondered if and when the city would help ease the confusion for drivers.

“It took us $6 worth of spray paint to make it happen,” said the artist, who does not want to be named in fear of retaliation from the city. “Really, we were just tired of waiting.”

He and others are part of a guerrilla road crew unofficially called the “Transformation Department.”

“I would hope people would see we’re just trying to make a safer street for anyone from 8 to an 80-year-old,” said the artist.

He said shortly after marking the street, the city responded by covering up the arrows and directional boundaries with black paint.

“So you know this is an issue, you saw this here and you just spray painted over it,” said the artist. “If you’d rather do it, then do it. But we’re tired of a dangerous intersection here.”

The City of Dallas released a statement saying in part it, “…will implement improvements to this intersection soon.”

A city spokesperson also reminded residents, “…only city staff should implement improvements or paint traffic signage, to avoid confusing drivers and pedestrians.”

Residents are hopeful something will change.

“What I am encouraged by is that the City of Dallas saw this,” said the artist. “So I hope it’s a reminder that they need to get this done.”

Council member Scott Griggs said he is aware of how dangerous the intersection is and is why he has pushed so hard to make Tyler a two-way street. He is hoping it will slow traffic down.

He said the city has already approved the transformation and could be completed in 2019.