By Brooke Rogers | CBS11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Construction at Highland Park’s middle school means no parking lot for faculty and staff this year.

Thus the district came up with a controversial solution that involves asking residents to let a teacher borrow their driveway for the entire school year.

And with less than three weeks to go until school starts, faculty and staff will be in need of parking spaces. Construction, including an underground parking garage and an addition to the school, will displace them for the school year.

“So our school principal sent out a note essentially asking, ‘Hey, are there any of you who are maybe gone during the day who might want to share your driveway?’ ” says Jon Dahlander, HPISD spokesperson.

The “Borrow A Driveway Campaign” asks residents to let a teacher use their driveway for free during school hours this year. Some are embracing the idea and are ready to sign up.

“The teachers certainly provide a wonderful service, and we need to help them any way we can,” says resident Greg Pillsbury. “I only wish i’d thought of it.”

“I think that’s fine, if people have it available,” says resident Becky Good.

But others wonder why, nearly two years after voters approved a hefty bond to pay for multiple construction projects, this is the best they could do.

“I just feel like perhaps they could have come up with a better plan for our poor teachers who need to park here for an entire year, and our neighborhoods are so crowded anyway,” says resident Wendy Boyer.

Many also wonder about the legal ramifications of lending a driveway to a teacher, which Dahlander says will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. He says he knows this will be a challenge, but with limited parking throughout the district, he says they’re doing the best with what they’ve got.

Ten people so far has signed up to let a teacher borrow their driveway. The district hopes they will eventually have 50 volunteers.