UPDATED | August 16, 2017 4:10 PMBy Jason Allen

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – Two women are recovering in the hospital after a pickup truck slammed into them while they were crossing North Main Street in the Fort Worth Stockyards early Sunday morning. Fort Worth police wrote in an email that they are following leads, but had no description Monday of the driver or vehicle involved.

Brooklyn Wammack is one of two women recovering after a pickup truck slammed into her while she was crossing North Main Street in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

A security camera from Knuckle Up Tattoo on the corner of North Main and NW 25th St. however, captured the incident. It shows Amber Underwood and two friends trying to cross Main about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

One of the women looks north and starts to run. Then a pickup truck appears in the frame and hits Underwood and her friend Brooklyn Wammack, throwing one forward, and another almost into oncoming traffic.

The truck disappears from view, and within a few seconds other drivers stop, and people start running to help the two young women.

Fort Worth Police released images of the truck on Wednesday.

It’s believed to be a 1998-2000 Ford F-150 crew cab with black on the top, tan in the middle and very distinct side striping. There should also be front-end damage. The pickup also has a dent on the back bumper.

vehicle of interest in Fort Worth hit-and-run

Underwood, who was celebrating her 20th birthday that night, said she doesn’t remember any part of the accident.

“I remember afterwards waking up, and a stranger I didn’t know had my head in his lap and telling me I was going to be ok, and I wasn’t going to die,” she said from a hospital bed Monday.

Underwood has a fractured pelvis. Her left leg was immobilized. She was wearing a neck brace and had stitches over her left eye.

Her father Aaron said he raced to the hospital after getting a call from paramedics telling him his daughter was in an accident.

“I’m thankful that I’m not here talking to you about planning her funeral,” he said.