DALLAS (CBS11) – A private screening of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary “What Carter Lost,” was held at the Texas Theatre on Wednesday night.

The film featured Dallas’ 1988 Carter High School football season.

“What Carter Lost” (CBS11)

It was a historic season that included a national football championship for the predominantly black school, but not without controversy.

A grade-changing scandal and accusations of player ineligibility tainted their championship run that almost didn’t happen, because of rulings made by state athletic officials.

Then after the championship win, the title and all of the accolades were stripped from the team when six of it’s players were convicted and sentenced in a string of robberies throughout the Dallas area.

Keith Campbell was one of those players. He was a wide receiver who served seven-and a-half years of a 25-year sentence for armed robbery.

“I didn’t have respect for the law at that time and now I look at life in a more humble way,” said Campbell.

Campbell said he hopes the film, which was shown to a crowded audience of young athletes, sends a strong message to them about the importance of making the right decisions.

“For every action there is a consequence good bad or indifferent,” said Campbell.

The film’s director, Adam Hootnick, said he made the documentary because he felt the Carter story was never fully told.

“It’s a Texas legend. This is one of the best teams in high school football history and yet this is a team that nobody knows from Friday Night Lights,” said Hootnick.

The film airs on ESPN Thursday, August 24.