By Andrea Lucia

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Shut down by the state of Texas, the owner of a tow company found illegally seizing cars in North Texas is back in business, less than a year after losing his license.

Nick Massey, who ran Excalibur Towing with offices in Arlington and Fort Worth, is now operating again under the name TowStorm in Little Rock, Arkansas, while leaving more than $200,000 in fines unresolved in Texas.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation revoked Massey’s license to tow within the state last year, after claiming to have received thousands of complaints about his towing and vehicle storage companies.

In a video posted to his Facebook account, Massey responded to the move writing, “F*** the police. I’m going to keep towing whether they f****** like it or not.”

“There was such a large public outcry,” said Arlington Police Department spokesman, Lt. Christopher Cook.

While many cities advised upset car owners to settle their disputes with Excalibur in court, Arlington police began investigating.

“It was alarming to us – the frequency and amount of complaints,” said Cook. “You come out. Your car was towed. Then when you determine they didn’t even have the authority to pull my car, you can understand the gravity of how upset someone would become.”

Cook said a thorough investigation last year found almost 1190 violations of state and city law. The city cited Massey for about a quarter of those, according to Cook, issuing a total fine of $101,766.

Combined with an estimated $120,000 in fines he still owes the state of Texas, Massey has sizeable debts. He could face even more legal action in Arkansas, where he already under investigation.

Within just two months of granting TowStorm a license to operate, the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board has already received what it considers a high number of complaints.

“To get two dozen complaints on one company in such a short period of time is troublesome,” said director Steve Rogers.

Back in Arlington, Massey can still fight his citations in court.

His expletive-filled Facebook video, though, may be used as evidence of his disregard for his law.

Attempts to reach Massey were unsuccessful.