Hadib (Faye Abunijmeh)

JOSHUA (KRLD) – A North Texas mother is challenging her son’s school district for his right to grow his hair long for cancer patients.

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Faye Abunijmeh says Joshua ISD told her that her son Habib needed to cut his hair because it violated their dress code policy. Faye says there’s no such rule for girls.

“This is gender discrimination and sexist,” she says.

Nine-year-old Habib has grown his hair for years. It now reaches past his shoulders, and he needs just inches more to donate it to Wigs for Kids.

“He’s so proud of his curly hair,” Abunijmeh says. “He just wants another child in need, a child with cancer, to be able to have it.”

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Joshua ISD deems long hair on boys a distraction, a safety hazard, and possibly unclean. Faye doesn’t agree.

“My son has asked me why his sister can have long hair but he can’t,” she says. “I barely know what to tell him.

“That’s what we’re trying to do is change the gender thing,” she says. “Let it be. They’re not any different.”

Faye says district officials told her Habib would have to cut his hair before school came back in session. On his first day, he went to class wearing it in a braid. That’s a loophole in dress code policy, but may only be temporary.

Abunijemeh started a petition on change.org. 

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As of this posting, Joshua ISD has not been reached for further comment. Part of their dress code for boys’ hair length is below.

“Boys’ hair should not extend beyond the following limits:

Front – Hair/Bangs, when combed straight down, must not be longer than the top of the eyebrows. Side – The entire ear may be covered but should not exceed the corner of the jawbone on the sides. Sideburns should not be more than one-half inch below the bottom of the ear lobe.
Back – Hair must be cut so that it is no longer than the bottom of the dress shirt collar or top of a t- shirt collar.

Boys’ hair will not be worn in tails, ponytails, or buns.”