DALLAS (KRLD 1080) – A pair of pets named Pimpy and Bebe arrived Tueday afternoon from the storm-ravaged Houston area at an evacuee animal shelter in Dallas.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals expects hundreds, perhaps thousands of animals to join the rescued Chihuahuas. The organization said it’s bracing for everything.

“We have a veterinarian here on-site to make sure the animal’s health is where it needs to be,” said Maura Davies with the SPCA. “So if any animal comes to us with an issue – say, diabetes – we are here to help treat those animals.”

The SPCA said is can handle every pet, from birds to geckos to rabbits. They even have so many volunteers that they’re turning people away.

Davies said corporations have offered their support and FEMA has helped with funding, donations and various expenses.