PORT ARANSAS (CBS11) – It’s hard for Marge Larson to know where to start the cleanup process when she’s not even sure she’s coming back to her home in Port Aransas.

“Part of me just wants to shut the door, walk away, and start over,” she said.

Port Aransas remains without power, water and a working sewer system.

For many residents Tuesday was the first day back to the island since Hurricane Harvey devastated much of the town.

Larson’s home suffered major structural damage from the 130 miles per hour winds and the three feet of flood water.

Hurricane Harvey damage in Port Aransas (Brian New – CBS11)

She said it is far worse than she anticipated.

“We didn’t think we would come back to this,” she said from inside her soaked home. “We just thought we would get out of the way and then come back afterwards. But there doesn’t seem to be any afterwards.”

Port Aransas ISD officials are concerned about families leaving the island and never moving back.

The local school district will soon be sending out surveys to find out when schools reopen just how many students plan to return.

The school district will be closed for at least another four to six weeks.

“You can’t see all the way to the end of it,” Larson said. “I don’t know if I will stay.”