By Andrea Lucia

(credit: Ed Lowder/CBS11)

KELLER (CBS11) – Keller Police are warning drivers to watch for thieves targeting their gas tanks.

The department received at least two reports Thursday of attempted fuel thefts.

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Joe Roan didn’t witness the crime, but he found the evidence in his driveway.

“I came outside this morning and found this water hose was sticking out,” he said, holding the hose a thief left hanging out of his Jeep’s tank.

On the ground sat a gas tank.

“Instantly I knew someone was trying to steal my gas,” he said. “Maybe a car drove by when they were doing it and they ran? I don’t know.”

Roan said the thief didn’t even manage to get any fuel.

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He wondered why anyone would bother trying, until he saw the crowds lined up at local gas stations.

The O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store on Keller Parkway confirmed it also found signs someone had siphoned gas out of its vehicles.

At Green Valley Compressor on Main Street, Bobby Lodes arrived at work to see a car drive off.

“When I see the gas can overflowing, then I realized what was going on,” he said.

He found a hose and a five-gallon gas can next to a coworker’s car.

“When he checked his fuel gauge, his tank was almost empty, and John don’t run on empty.”

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Keller Police are suggesting people park their cars in their garages and keep an eye out for neighbors.