A flooded convenience store near Orangefield, Texas. (MaryAnn Martinez/CBS 11)

ORANGEFIELD, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Help is pouring into Houston for the people hardest hit by the storm, but many smaller towns are still underwater and feeling forgotten.

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Isolated by floodwater and needing help, residents of small towns east of Beaumont are putting out an SOS.

“Orangefield needs assistance,” said resident Darren Gaspard. “There’s a lot of people who are still trapped across the road. They just need food and water.”

Gaspard says he and his neighbors have gone days without water, food or electricity. The Texas National Guard is in the town today, and crews are working to get the power on.

“When it was at its worst, everybody started helping everybody,” said Gaspard. “Any body that had a boat came out and volunteered, neighbors helping neighbors. We didn’t have no army. We didn’t have no national guard. They showed up the other day and they haven’t brought no food to us. They haven’t brought no supplies to us.”

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It’s the same for another town, Vidor. CBS 11 tried to get in on several roads, but it was just too flooded to safely get in. Volunteer Justin Baker was heading that way.

“We just heard that they needed search and rescue still,” said Baker. “They still needed many supplies, some areas are without power.”

Baker drove down from the Midwest to help save rescue people. He originally went to Houston. He says there was plenty of help there, so he moved further east to towns that have been overlooked.

“Personally, I just don’t think that it’s not being broadcast enough,” said Baker. “I mean, Houston is huge, but I don’t think people realize the catastrophes that are down in these coastal areas.”

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The Texas National Guard says, right now, its priority is life-saving measures and getting people out. Then that clears the way for organizations like the Red Cross to come in with food, water and other supplies.