BURLESON (CBSDFW.COM) – Burleson police are trying to track down who stole a church trailer filled with donated supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims.

The trailer vanished from Joshua Baptist Church, along with the hope to help Harvey victims.

“There was a feeling of guilt and sadness that we’d lost all the supplies,” said Pastor Andrew Wolfenbarger.

The community opened their wallets and their hearts, collecting soap, pet food and baby supplies. But then the unthinkable was caught on camera.

“The guy who notified me that it was stolen was the guy who was coming to pick it up and take it down. He called and said, ‘Hey! Where’s the trailer?” said Wolfenbarger.

Security footage shows a couple of men cutting the lock, hooking the trailer to their truck and driving off.

“I can’t imagine anyone up here needing those supplies as badly as those folks down there that need it,” said Wolfenbarger. “It just speaks to the selfishness of people and the greed of people.”

A few hours later, the trailer resurfaced in south Fort Worth. All the donations were gone.

The congregation banded together once again to refill the trailer.

“We’ve already seen a surge in compassion from our community. People who wanted to reach out to help… it’s been encouraging,” said Wolfenbarger. “I really believe while people had evil intentions, God’s going to make this a good thing and a big thing for a lot of people down there.”

The pastor said he forgives the men who stole from the church. The trailer has nearly been 100 percent refilled and is parked at a secure location away from church property.

Wolfenbarger also said the plan is to keep stuffing the trailer with donations until it’s full and then drive it down south at the end of this week.