DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Following the first regular season win for the Dallas Cowboys, team owner Jerry Jones attributes much of the victory to the youth of the team.

Jones told The Fan’s Shan & RJ how proud he was of his team following the 19-3 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday night.

“I was so proud of the energy, the aggressiveness that our entire team showed, on both sided of the ball, even special teams” said Jones. “That was a carry over of what we saw in preseason.”

The guys looked like they were having fun. The youth of our team may have something to do with that. It gives you a lot of hope just to see the way we’re flying around out there” said Jones.

Many see the main point of victory over the Giants, and keeping Eli Manning contained and confused, was the outstanding efforts of the Cowboys defense…and Jones agreed giving coach Rod Marinelli and his staff all the credit.

“I thought Leon Lett really did a good job” said Jones. “He substituted, he brought our down linemen in and gave everybody an opportunity to not only play but to be fresh with their skills. Rod is going to give the young guys throughout the defense opportunity to play a lot, opportunity to improve, and that’s a key here.”

Another part of the Cowboys ‘youth’ is second year star Ezekiel Elliott. Jones, who expects Elliott to play Sunday against Denver, says he expects him to get lots of carries this year. “Zeke just dials it up. When it’s time to go, he goes” said Jones.