FRISCO (KRLD) – Some Frisco Heritage High School students are getting tons of attention for their homecoming photos.

Megan Goulding

The group of students wanted some unconventional pictures for the high school tradition. So, they shot their pictures inside an IKEA furniture store and now the photos have gone viral!

Megan Goulding, a senior at Frisco Heritage High School, had her mother shoot the portraits at IKEA.

“One of my friends suggested shooting pictures at IKEA.  He said it as a joke,” Goulding says. The group, however, decided to follow through with the idea.

Megan Goulding

“We just walked in and started posing in the rooms. We got a lot of weird looks. But, no one asked us to leave,” she says.

Goulding went on to say that all the publicity is surprising and she’s had other companies reach out to her.

“IKEA tweeted me and they said that’s really how you put the home in homecoming.”