DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Newlyweds Derick and Sara Killian are two of the 200 Harvey evacuees staying in a new Dallas shelter.

Representatives for the city estimate half of those evacuees will make North Texas their new, permanent home.

But the Killians said FEMA still hasn’t helped them.

The closing of the Dallas mega-shelter marks another milestone for the couple from Port Arthur.

After staying there for three weeks, the North Dallas shared ministries have placed them in a hotel temporarily.

“Relief, relief. We were so glad to finally have some privacy and be in a room by ourselves, shower when we want, eat when we want,” said Derick.

He and his wife lost everything when Hurricane Harvey ripped through the south Texas coast.

They evacuated to Dallas, where they were hired by a management plant in Arlington.

“I was very exciting,” said Sara of the job fare they attended. “She actually told me… she said, ‘I will hire you. Go get your husband, if he wants to work, I will hire both of you right now.’ ”

The couple receives their first pay check this week. But they still don’t have a car or a home.

“We need the help to be able to stay somewhere. I don’t understand. We lost it all, please anybody, help,” pleaded Derick.

To help the Killians and others like them, the City of Dallas is relying on more than $1 million in private donations to the mayor’s disaster relief fund, which will help evacuees with transportation and housing.

“It’s not just us. We’re one story of many people out here trying to re-start,” said Derick.