DALLAS (CBS11 SPORTS) – The North Dallas High School football team draws inspiration from a special young lady. 

Desiree Allen – North Dallas High football coach (CBS11 Sports)

Desiree Allen has been an assistant coach on the team for the last three years. 

Allen says she felt instantly accepted because she practices what she preaches. 

Desiree Allen – North Dallas High football coach (CBS11 Sports)

She has also played women’s professional football for the last five years.  She hopes other young ladies use her as an example that anything is possible.  

Fred Johnson, the school’s head coach, says Allen gets treated like any of his other coaches and doesn’t expect special treatment. 

What also makes her special is her desire to see the student athletes succeed in life, not just on the football field.  Allen is an algebra teacher at the school as well. 

Brian Barnett, the school’s athletic director, says you can’t be a great coach if you’re not a great teacher. 

He applauds Allen for being great at both. 

Asked why she hasn’t gotten attention up until now, Allen says she figured people didn’t care.  Most certainly people do care when a person like her proves in a life filled with limitations, in reality, there are none!