By Ken Foote

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the best shows I had when I was Programming Director for KXTX in Dallas (1984-1987) was “Green Acres,” both in terms of creative genius and ratings popularity. One hundred seventy episodes were filmed as a spinoff of “Petticoat Junction,” both created and produced by Paul Henning. And one talented character actor in the show was Alvy Moore as Hooterville Agriculture County Agent Hank Kimball.

Moore was born 1921 in Vincennes, Indiana, and raised in Terre Haute. He graduated from Indiana State Teachers College and served in the Marines during World War II. After the war, he started his acting career. He found it difficult to break into the movies, but did some theatre before moving to television as a character actor. But the role of Hank Kimball put him on the national stage big time.

Kimball was a very nice and affable sort of guy, but every time he made a statement, he would contradict himself immediately… and again and again! The Hooterville natives, like Sam Drucker and Mr. Haney (Frank Cady and Pat Buttram), knew who he was and just put up with it. The new owners of the Haney Place, Oliver and Lisa Douglas (Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor), were frustrated with this, especially Oliver. (Lisa learned later to just go along with the flow.) Of course, the Douglases were frustrated with a broken down house and a farm that had not been worked in years, especially coming from a posh New York City penthouse.

“Green Acres” ran on the CBS Television Network from 1965-1971. It was on Wednesday evenings for the first four years, then Saturday night, and lastly Tuesday night before it was cancelled in 1971 as an overall purge by CBS of its rural comedies from its schedules. The show was actually ahead of its time with its editing and timing of punch lines from its cast. It has been seen either in local or cable syndication since.

Moore also appeared later in a number of cult horror movies such as “Scream,” “Mortuary” and “Intruder.” He passed away on May 4, 1997 at age 75. He and his wife, Carolyn, had three children — Barry, Janet and Alyson. Carolyn Moore died at age 79 in 2009.

Enjoy this clip of Hank Kimball with Oliver and Lisa Douglas!