by MaryAnn Martinez | CBS11

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (CBS11) – From their home in Southlake a family is hoping they can locate their missing loved one in Puerto Rico.

The last time Luz Santini spoke to her daughter was last week, the night before Hurricane Maria devastated the island as a Category 4 storm.

“She was afraid and she,” said daughter Nancy Chon. “I told her that she didn’t have anything to worry about. Where their house is, it’s surrounded by other homes.”

The 80-year-old grandmother didn’t evacuate, partly because of her health. Santini has diabetes and open wounds that make it difficult for her to travel.

She decided to ride out the storm with her husband in their home in Aibonita, Puerto Rico. With virtually no electricity or cell phone service on the island after the hurricane, the family has no idea what condition the grandmother or her husband are in.

“Even if she survived the storm, seven days in, I don’t know that she could survive,” said Chon. “The heat is unbearable. I can image the stench of dead animals.”

Chon hasn’t been able to get a flight to Puerto Rico.

Chon’s daughter, Katie, contributed to her grandmother’s search by creating a poster for her missing abuela she was photographed with.

agirl North Texas Family Searching For Missing Grandma In Puerto Rico

Southlake child’s grandmother missing after hurricane (MaryAnn Martinez)

The family has shared it on social media.

As the days pass, Nancy is growing increasing frustrated by the government’s response and worried help won’t get to her mom in time.

“Mommy, I love you. I am looking for you. I hope you’re okay. Hold on. I know you’re strong. Hold on. I love you,” Chon said.