MESQUITE, Texas (CBS11) – New information is emerging Monday night relating to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

Sources who worked for him said Paddock would help tenants who were behind on rent at the apartment complex he owned in Mesquite, Texas.

Stephen Paddock (CBS11)

Paddock lived in North Texas during the 2000s.

Records also show Paddock owned a house in Mesquite, Texas and later transferred ownership to his mother.

“I’m just shocked right now, I’m speechless,” said Frank Castillo, a Mesquite resident.

Castillo would see Paddock when he visited his sister, Maria Alameida, who lived two houses down.

The two did not realize they knew the shooter until they saw a pictures surface of Paddock.

“To me he was nice at the time. But like seeing the pictures, it’s like nothing like that came through my mind. He seemed nice to me at the time,” said Castillo.

Paddock eventually sold his apartment complex he owned and later helped move his aging mother to Florida.

“A normal guy. Just a normal guy. They weren’t very social,” said Alameida. “We just can’t believe that so close to home, somebody like that could do something like that.”

Paddock’s now deceased father was a bank robber and used to be one of the FBI’s most wanted back in the 1960s.

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock Courtesy: FBI

Mesquite Police said they had zero trouble with Stephen Paddock during his years living in North Texas.

“We can’t believe it. It’s crazy here in Mesquite. Just can’t believe it,” said Alameida.

One source also said Paddock had purchased an old, used police squad car and would park it outside the apartment complex he owned to scare off anyone trying to commit crimes.