By Kena Sosa

Fall foliage flutters gently to the ground. The orange hue of the leaves reminds you that it’s also pumpkin season, as if you could have possibly forgotten. Pumpkin-flavored and infused just about anything is right this time of year. Try these on, a few times if you’d like.

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Emporium Pies
314 N. Bishop Ave.
Dallas, TX 75208
(469) 206-6126

Emporium Pies in Oak Cliff is always packed for a reason. This infamous eatery serves up word-of-mouth flavor like few others. Celebrating the fall, Emporium Pies cooks up a seasonal favorite called Drop Dead Gourdgeous, or pumpkin pie you would ask for year round. The crust is composed of sweet gingerbread and the filling is a refreshing pool of pumpkin custard with a spicy brush of cinnamon. If you are already hungry, come on in. Drop Dead Gourdgeous slices go for only $6 a slice. If you care to share with friends or family, a full pie is only $40.

Kate Weiser Chocolate
3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 115
Dallas, Texas 75212
(469) 619-4929

Kate Weiser Chocolate in Trinity Groves has a reputation for artistry as well as taste. Two items in her menagerie of wondrous cacao concoctions are the pumpkin spice bonbons, sold in boxes of seven pieces, and the easily recognizable chocolate pumpkin. The chocolate pumpkin comes in a clear cube, to show off the carefully executed outer design. Inside chocolates are as abundant as pumpkin seeds in your soon-to-be jack-o-lantern. It’s tempting to just admire the true artisan look of Kate Weiser Chocolate, at least for a second. Then the aroma of the awe-inducing treats washes back over, summoning the chocolate to your mouth. If you finish a chocolate pumpkin, no worries. Celebrate the season and just get another.

Penne Pomodoro
6815 Snider Plaza
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 373-9911

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We expect to see the leaves change color in the fall, for lattes to switch flavors and for pumpkin-lovers to hit the cafes hard. What is less predictable, however, is a delicious fall dish cooked up at Penne Pomodoro, the Cappellacci. This light and delightful mouthful describes a ravioli medley, pumped full of pumpkin and drizzled in a brown butter. Save the cookies and pie for dessert, this is a meal made for watching leaves casually hit the ground and chewing slowly, ensuring every bite is enjoyed to the fullest.

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Martin House Brewery
220 S. Sylvania Ave., Suite 209
Fort Worth, TX 76111
(817) 222-0177

Java-enthusiasts and beer-lovers can finally forge a symbiotic relationship this fall thanks to Martin House Brewery. Martin House Brewery has created the concoction described by many as the drink of their dreams, also referred to as Cuvee Pumpkin Latte. Cuvee Pumpkin Latte swirls together plentiful pale ale with a dose of coffee in a colorful can. Try it if you dare. The experience just might haunt you and leave you thirsty for more.

Cafe Brazil
611 N. Bishop Ave., Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75208
(214) 946-7927

What better way to end a quest for pumpkin-laced treats this fall than with the howling good taste of pumpkin cheesecake. For starters, the decor of Cafe Brazil will wake you up with its art-laden walls of color and creativity. The menu teems with savory breakfast, brunch and lunch options in addition to the endless coffee, offered in around eight varieties a day. Of course, this is all to whet the appetite. The real reason to go in autumn is to end the meal, or even just make an entire meal, of the creamy, slightly spicy pumpkin cheesecake. Your mouth will thank you.

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