LAKE DALLAS (CBS11) – Two North Texas neighborhoods are on edge after a string of crimes dating back to February.

Lake Dallas Police say the suspect stole things, exposed himself and tried to sexually assault a woman.

Police say they’ve increased patrols in the neighborhoods.

Mobile home community management has gone door-to-door passing out flyers to alert residents.

Lake Dallas mobile home community (CBS11)

“My little sister lives here. That’s the one I worry about the most,” said Ricky Morales, who lives nearby.

Police say the suspect strikes at night, randomly targeting white women.

The most recent crime was a week ago. He knocked on an apartment door and tried to sexually assault a woman who answered.

“We’ve seen an escalation in behavior that started out as nuisances and now have escalated to the point of an attempted sexual assault,” said Lake Dallas Police Chief Daniel Carolla. “We need to let the public know, and we need the public’s help in capturing him.”

Lake Dallas Police believe he’s responsible for four crimes at a mobile home community and an apartment complex on the same block.

Police say he has looked through a window, exposed himself and stolen women’s underwear.

“That’s a sick-minded person,” said resident Cynthia Berger. “For someone to attack a woman and take their bras and panties.”

Police describe the suspect as a black man, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 8 inches tall with a thin build, and short hair. He has a skull tattoo on one forearm and some sort of writing tattoo on the other.

Police believe there could be more victims who haven’t yet come forward.