DALLAS (CBS11) – Family and friends will hold a candlelight vigil Thursday night for 14-year-old Azeneth Pina.

Dallas Police say the Lake Highlands High School student was killed in what they call a reckless shooting by another teen.

Pina’s youth pastor, Beto Rodriguez says, “Azeneth was a good person. She truly drew people to her. She was amazing and unique.”

Rodriguez says family and friends never imagined this could have happened.

“The family is devastated. They’re having a rough time coping with everything. It’s tragic. We’re helping the family every way we can.”

A source familiar with the investigation says someone fired the gun while the teens were in a vehicle driving along the 9800 block of Whitehurst Drive.

The source says the kids panicked, and threw the gun into a nearby creek.

A 16-year-old boy accused in the shooting was arrested, and faces manslaughter charges.

Rodriguez says Pina’s older sister was also inside the car and saw it happen.

“She’s obviously in shock still, but she’s being strong for the family. And we’re helping her through the process as well.”

He says they drove Pina to a Garland hospital, where she died.

Police say it happened just before 3:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Rodriguez says Pina’s parents didn’t realize the teens weren’t in class.

Rodriguez says, “They were surprised as well. I’m not sure why they weren’t in school.”

Richardson ISD brought in counselors to help students cope with the tragic loss.

Kade Dalton, a Lake Highlands High School senior says “Been kind of gloomy, it’s a lot. We’ve all been down about it.”

Tiffany Jones, whose daughter attends the school says, “I hurt for the family. I hurt for all these kids nowadays cause it seems like kids can’t enjoy their childhood nowadays. You have to be concerned whether your child will come home.”