IRVING (CBS11) – An 85-year-old grandmother is recovering after police say she was kidnapped from her home and then stabbed and beaten.

The suspect, Lesia Ann Coco, is still on the loose.

coco Former Caregiver Wanted For Kidnapping, Beating Irving Grandmother

Lesia Ann Coco (Irving PD)

The victim’s daughter-in-law believes the 85-year-old was targeted because of a past connection. Coco used to be the victim’s husband’s caregiver.

The marks on the the grandmother’s arm tell a story of survival.

“This is from, I think, punching and stabbing,” said Gail Simmons.

Simmons visited her mother-in-law in the hospital, and she says she got quite a shock.

“When I walked in, I just sobbed and my heart just broke because… she’s an old woman,” said Simmons.

Irving Police say Coco was sitting on the porch Friday just after 9:00 p.m., waiting for the victim and her 89-year-old husband.

“She pushed him in and closed the door – said she knew where her stolen jewelry was,” said Simmons.

The jewelry recently went missing. Police say Coco then whipped out a knife.

“This lady was doing this [makes swinging motion] while she was trying to drive the car,” said Simmons.

Simmons says her mother-in-law started singing “Jesus Loves Me.” She believes faith may have saved her.

“That’s what started the conversation. ‘Do you go to church?’ She said, ‘since you go to church, I won’t kill you,'” said Simmons.

Police say Coco told the victim to stop at a McDonald’s, where she jumped out.

“She did not get away with anything. I think that might be why she said, ‘pull over and let me out,'” said Simmons.

Simmons says her mother-in-law managed to drive to a QuikTrip in Arlington where customers called police.

Simmons doesn’t know how long her mother-in-law will have to stay at the hospital.