By Jason Allen

(CBSDFW.COM) – President Trump’s boast about his high IQ this week, earned an invitation from the exclusive group of the most intelligent – come take the test.

Mensa, an exclusive group whose members score in the top two-percent of IQ tests, said politicians are welcome to be members. The organization, which has its national headquarters in Arlington, said members “beliefs and jobs are trumped by their IQ scores.”

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The inclusion of IQ onto the national political stage came as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly referred to the President as a moron. Forbes magazine reports President Trump responded that the two should compare IQ tests, and he “knew who would win.”

“Does that smartness equate to success?” asked Charles Brown, the communications director for Mensa. “I think it probably does in a lot of ways, but it doesn’t guarantee it.”

Brown said Wednesday, the non-political group is happy to be part of any national conversation about IQ. A high score, however, is just something similar to measuring the speed of a computer. It scores how you take information, process it, analyze it and spit it out.

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Those are all traits that might help you as a politician, Brown said, but it doesn’t necessarily put you a step ahead of the person across the table from you.

“It doesn’t mean you’re better than him, it means that you’re different from him.”

October is Mensa’s annual membership month, where it holds tests across the country. Members run the gamut, Brown said, from homemakers and professionals, to scientists and celebrities. The only common trait they have he said, is their high test scores.

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Neither the President nor Tillerson happen to belong to the group. And neither has accepted the offer to take the test, but Brown said, it’s a standing invitation.