RICHARDSON (CBS11) – There is heartbreak and uncertainty and it’s spreading to other communities in the wake of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews’ disappearance last Saturday morning.

sherin mathews 1 North Texas Mom Takes To Social Media To Try To Help Find Richardson Girl

Sherin Mathews (Mathews family)

One Plano mother has taken to social media to help bring her home.

The child’s plight gripped Nicolette Snyder’s heart.

amom North Texas Mom Takes To Social Media To Try To Help Find Richardson Girl

Nicolette Snyder (Yona Gavino – CBS11)

“Something just keeps on tugging at me. Keep praying for her. Keep posting things about her. Keep watching closely because again, I would want someone to do that for daughter… my son,” said Snyder.

Snyder’s daughter, Zoe is the same age as Sherin, who vanished early Saturday morning when police say her father put her outside as punishment for not drinking milk.

“What would happen if this was my kid? I look at [my daughter] and it just fuels me more,” said Snyder.

It’s powering Snyder’s online effort – asking more mothers to join a search she’s organizing.

“Maybe she’s surviving out there. Maybe someone has her. I’m hoping in that case she’s still alive,” said Snyder.

On Wednesday, criminal defense attorney Kent Starr spent an hour inside the Mathews’ home. He was hired by Sherin’s mother.

He says despite her husband Wesley Mathews being accused of a crime, there have been no accusations of wrongdoing against the wife.

Starr was asked if Sherin’s mother has been out searching for her daughter.

“The mere fact that you do not hear from a person who is mourning… individuals mourn differently. The fact that she may walk up and down the street during a time of trauma is not indicative of anything,” said Starr.

An FBI evidence response team worked through the night Tuesday, combing for clues that could lead to answers – and Sherin.

“She is very hopeful that her daughter will be returned,” said Starr.

Starr says Sherin’s mother is distraught and that neither she nor her husband ever hurt Sherin.