MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A mother is outraged over how she says a Frisco ISD elementary school is handling her son’s accusations that he is being bullied and was sexually assaulted.

Courtney Brooks says her son told her he was groped in a bathroom at Elliott Elementary in McKinney. He also accuses the student of bullying and assaulting him.

Brooks says even though her son was a victim, he had to sign a stay-away order along with the accused male student.

What happened in the school bathroom is now being investigated by McKinney police.

The 11-year-old boy claims a student who had previously bullied him started shaking the stall he was in.

“My son came out of the stall and said ‘why are you doing this?’ and the boy proceeded to grab my son by the neck, pushing him against the wall, choking him and grabbed his genitals and said ‘because I can,'” said Brooks.

Brooks says school administrators did not notify her or police about the incident. Instead, the mother says the school wanted both students to sign a pledge to stay away from each other for three months.

“I was appalled, and I was angry. I was confused,” said Brooks.

Brooks believes a crime was committed, and she filed a report with McKinney police. Police released a statement saying, “We are investigating an incident that occurred at the stated location…”

Frisco ISD released a statement saying, “We would like to take this opportunity to assure our community that any and all allegations of sexual abuse/assault are taken seriously…”

Brooks says her son is still in fear of the other student. She has refused to sign the stay-away pledge.

The mother accuses Frisco ISD of worrying more about its image than bullied students.

“I don’t think they want a stat of assault or sexual assault on their record because it will make them look bad,” said Brooks.

Brooks also says days after the reported incident, the school scheduled the two boys to be assigned to a field trip together. Both students are still enrolled with no word of any disciplinary action taken.