DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With the Dallas Mavericks ready to open the 2017-18 NBA regular season, team owner Mark Cuban is confident with his roster and addresses how the Mavs and NBA are different than the NFL when it comes to the National Anthem and player protests.

When asked about the controversy surrounding the National Anthem in the NFL and players using that moment as an opportunity to protest or convey personal feelings, Cuban doesn’t feel it’s an issue with his team, or in the NBA.

“I feel the NFL players and the NBA players are in two different spots” said Cuban. “I talked to our guys a couple weeks ago and it hasn’t really come up since…but if you (the players) have a message you want to convey, let’s just put you on video and put you on the jumbotron or put it on the website and give it to the media so that you control the narrative of whatever it is that’s important to you – that you want to get that message out. Get it out as opposed to kneeling or locking arms and leaving the narrative to the media.”

Cuban says that when it comes to the NBA, many of the star players have bigger social media followings than the President of the United States. “You don’t see that with NFL players” said Cuban.  “The fact that NBA players have this social media platform, they can respond differently to social issues and control their own message on their own rather than having to do it during the anthem.”

Cuban went on to talk about how the Dallas Mavericks are producing a tribute video regarding the American flag that will run before Wednesday night’s home opener.

“The American flag has been at every special moment in Mavericks history” said Cuban. “From our first game, to Dirk’s first bucket, to ‘Moody Madness,’ to every famous Maverick in the league.”

“It will give you goosebumps” he added.

In turning his aim back at the NFL, Cuban we quick to return to his critique of the league. “In terms of the NBA versus the NFL, I believe the NFL, and i’ve said this before, has real structural problems” said Cuban.

Cuban emphasized that one of the biggest problems facing professional football is brain injuries, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

“I have an 8-year-old son. I would not let my son play football” said Cuban. “When you see the studies for CTE coming out saying out of 111 brain studies, 110 have CTE, that’s a problem.”

Cuban also believes the NFL will have to take it’s brand (teams) on a global scale to survive. “I think 20 years from now half of NFL rosters being international guys because parents aren’t going to let their kids play tackle football. That’s a bigger issue for the NFL.”

With the claim that the Mavs are going to surprise people, team owner Mark Cuban believes that the continuity from last season along with being a much younger and faster team will give them a good advantage heading into the new season.

“The chemistry on this team is phenomenal” said Cuban. “We have Seth Curry, he’ll be back next week, Dirk is Dirk, and Dennis Smith…I think, is going to ‘wow’ people. There are just some guys who play in the NBA, and there are some great basketball players who happen to be great athletes, and Dennis is the latter.”