DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — A passionate and fiery debate Tuesday during a Facebook live conversation about confederate monuments in Dallas. The panel discussion was hosted by CBS 11 Political Reporter Jack Fink(view below).

Panel members strongly disagreed over why the Robert E. Lee statue and confederate monuments were placed in Dallas and North Texas.

“It was to tell people who looked like me, not you sir… that you need to remain in your place,” said Coy Murchison from the Mayor’s Task Force on Confederate Monuments.

Former Associate Editor of the Dallas Morning News , Bill Murchison responded, “You don’t know that, you don’t know that. You’re reading people’s minds,” he continued. “No, I’m not. I’m listening to my grandmother. I’m listening to my great-grandmother,” said Coy Murchison.

The panel was made up of two people who favored removing the Lee statue and changing names of city streets named after Confederate leaders, and two who opposed doing the same.

Member of the panel did seem to agree that more conversation – and historical context – was needed in Dallas.

“The KKK had one of the largest chapters in the nation here in Dallas,” said Rene Martinez also from the Mayor’s Task Force on Confederate Monuments. He said that is the “real history” and that Dallas needs to “acknowledge it” and to do it in an educational manner with the right “historical perspective.”

Dallas Resident Eugene Ralph responded, “This issue is being used by the left as a battering ram to basically destroy the history of America. That’s the reason I’m in this fight. I’m not in this fight because I’m so concerned about the Confederate statues. I’m in this fight because of monuments generally.”

The debate heats up next week when the Dallas city council takes public input on this issue. Members will vote on what to do — next month.