DALLAS (CBS11) – The owner of a Jimmy John’s restaurant is considering stopping deliveries to a Northeast Dallas neighborhood after a series of attacks on employees.

Since it opened about six months ago, the restaurant on Greenville Avenue near Lovers Lane says there have been three assaults all on or near Melody Lane.

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Max Gomez says he was already apprehensive making a delivery Monday night.

“That area overall is scary, but I went anyway,” said Gomez.

He was walking back to his car, when his fear turned to panic.

“A guy comes out of nowhere with a knife, and he says, ‘Give me your keys’,” said Gomez.

Unwilling to give up his car, Gomez fought and escaped.

“(He) tried to cut me, but I put my arm up, so it was just a tad cut,” he said, showing a scratch on his cheek and another on his forearm.

The attack, his managers say, happened within blocks of the other two.

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Jimmy John’s on Greenville Avenue in Dallas (Andrea Lucia – CBS11)

In one case, they say, two men punched an employee and slashed his bicycle tires. In another, someone threw white powder into an employee’s face causing him to fall off his bike and hurt himself.

“It’s just a shame we have to consider not delivering to an area just because we’re concerned about their safety,” said general manager, Greg Jackson.

Jackson said the store is considering whether to stop delivering to Melody Lane altogether or just during late night hours.

“There’s about 15 apartment complexes on that street… tons of great people, tons of great families, but there are apparently a couple bad apples,” he said.

Gomez quit his job after the attack, but later accepted an offer from the restaurant to work behind the counter.

“Being on the road is too risky,” he said.

Restaurant management plans to make a decision Thursday on its new delivery policy.

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Dallas Police records show at least 17 crimes reported within a five-block span of Melody Lane so far this month, including a robbery, two burglaries, a stolen car and a stabbing.