DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – More than 150 people have complained to the Dallas Better Business Bureau about DSM Medical Supply. However, the company said that hackers and an ex-employee are to blame for the issues.

Bob Kellogg ordered a tense device for his wife after their physical therapist recommended the product and company. “He said, ‘Last time, I got one from DSM Supply. You can get online and check it out,'” Kellogg said. He paid $126 for the product. “It’s a stimulator for the muscles in the back.”

Kellogg said that he waited two months and called the company at least eight times for answers. He said that he spoke with a supervisor twice. “I said, ‘What happened to my order?’ She said, ‘Will you quit calling me? I’m sick and tired of this. I can’t get my work done,'” Kellogg said.

Kellogg has been waiting for the device since May 2016.

“This is ridiculous, so I called the Better Business Bureau,” said Kellogg.

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DSM has an F rating with the Dallas BBB after 154 people complained about the company.

“When they try to reach out to the company to either get a refund or get their supplies, either they are never delivered or delivered way past the usage date,” said Phylissia Landix with the Dallas Better Business Bureau. “We’ve heard from a lot of people, these are things that they need. And they can’t use them for their busisses or own personal use.”

Landix said that DSM has not responded to 121 of those complaints.

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The owner of DSM told the CBS 11 News Consumer Justice unit over the phone that their systems got attacked by ransomware last March. He also said that an employee quit last summer and deleted years worth of customer information.

However, according to the BBB, they have been getting complaints about this company for years. “We’ve seen similar complaints since 2014, so it’s not a new occurrence. And it’s still coming in,” said Landix.

Kellogg said that the worst part has been seeing his wife’s back get worse while waiting for the product he paid for that could have helped. “It would have stimulated the muscles in the back and strengthen her back,” said Kellogg.

DSM reached out to Kellogg and said that a refund has been sent. Kellogg was also contacted by an investigator with the Attorney General’s office, but they would not confirm an open investigation.