By Ken Foote

(CBS11) – This underground rock group hailed from Tyler, Texas some 80 miles or so east of Dallas. In 1964, Ronnie Weiss (“Mouse”) and Dave Stanley hooked up with Bugs Henderson and Jerry Howell and became a successful regional rock band. Their style was influenced by singer Bob Dylan, along with that gritty underground punk rock sound.

The group had several hits between 1965-1969, including “A Public Execution” and “Sometimes You Just Can’t Win.” Of local note, Jimmy Rabbit performed with the group later on (Rabbit was also a local radio DJ on Gordon McLendon’s KLIF/Dallas, ‘The Mighty 1190”), the #1 Top 40 station in the market and a role model for other similar formatted radio stations in the U.S. known for its programming and promotion expertise.

The song featured in this blog is one that I had not heard before (at least not one I can remember) and it is called “Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice.

Written by Weiss and Henderson, the lyrics go like this:

“You see my little angel come walkin’ down the street
You better keep your sidewalk stuck on the bottom of your feet
She looks just like a model from a Cavalier magazine
She gives me all her lovin’ and she never treats me mean
She don’t drop names or about things that she don’t know
She’s always ready to make it to a (words unintelligible)

She’s just like Queen, maid of sugar, maid of spice
I call my baby Peggy, I’ll have you know she – she treats me nice”

This is probably one of their best songs ever but did not reflect that when charting on music rankings.

You can hear this song on Sirius XM Channel 19, Little Steven’s Underground Garage. So here you go… from 1966… ”Maid Of Sugar, Maid Of Spice.”