FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – After a judge decided Monday night to uphold the NFL’s six-game suspension of running back Ezekiel Elliott, many Dallas Cowboys fans across DFW were crushed, and immediately became concerned about the rest of the team’s season.

But the disappointed fans are now conflicted over how Elliott should proceed. Should he accept the suspension and sit out for the next six games, beginning this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs? Or should Elliott continue trying to fight the ruling through an appeals process?

Either way, the Monday night decision has crushed fan morale.

Elliott has been a staple on the field in all seven Cowboys games so far this season. With his ability to run the ball being a huge asset for the team, fans worry that the six-game suspension could be a massive hit for the Cowboys and their hopes for making the playoffs.

“You have a player that’s as dynamic as Ezekiel Elliott, it can change the outcome of a season. A six-game suspension could change the tide for the Cowboys,” said Dallas fan Daniel Easterly. “He contributes in a major way. It will be devastating to not have him.”

Fans are also concerned about how the Cowboys offense will adapt during the rough six-game stretch, should Elliott choose to ride it out. “Not a lot of first down conversions,” said fan Gabriel Tanella, also on Tuesday morning. “Probably have to go to security blanket Jason Witten more.”

There has been mixed reaction amongst fans about what Elliott should do next.

“I think he should definitely appeal it and try to get back in there immediately,” stated Cowboys fan Jake Tingley. “He’s one of their biggest weapons.”

“I think it’s better that he take it now and then get to play later on when it matters more,” added fan Mark Lide.

If the suspension stands, Elliott would return to the field on December 17 for the final three games of the regular season. The Cowboys face the Oakland Raiders that week, followed by the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles. Only the Seattle game, on Christmas Eve, will be played at home in Arlington.