DALLAS (CBSDFW) – There’s a different kind of parent involvement happening inside Julius Dorsey Elementary School in southeast Dallas. The moms and dads are the students in one classroom.

Five hundred students attend this Pleasant Grove Elementary School.

Make that five hundred and twenty… if you include their parents.

While Gabriel Aguirre, a fourth grader, gets his classroom instruction… mostly in Spanish.

The classroom downstairs is the one where his mother Veronica is all about learning English.

Dallas’ Julius Dorsey elementary school provides the parent center.

“I want to learn English. 100 percent English,” says one student.

Parents originally from Mexico, El Salvador, even Afghanistan receive twice a week, two hour classes on the same campus as their children.

Aguirre believes the location, just steps from her kids’ classrooms is an a-plus. “They’re happy, proud of me. They say mommy go to school too. Ha ha!”

“It’s specifically for our parents and adults in the Community who are interested in learning English as a second language.” Rubinna Sanchez is the principal at Julius Dorsey Elementary. The school provides the classroom, but the English education program is provided by Eastfield college.  And it’s the parents who wanted it here.

“As a school, we’re trying to incorporate parental involvement in the school, so what best way to do that than to ask them what it is they would like that would help them,” says Sanchez.

Gabriel Aguirre won’t see his mom on campus today… not until later.

They both have homework… in English and Spanish.