By MaryAnn Martinez

NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – The father of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews remains in jail, charged in her death and disappearance, but Wesley Mathews is also being sued for a 2015 crash.

wesley matthews mugshot Exclusive: Crash Victim Suing Deceased Childs Father Is Shocked And Disgusted

Wesley Mathews Mugshot via Dallas County Sheriff’s Department

The other driver involved in the crash, Lateace Cook, spoke exclusively to CBS11, saying she only she only just realized the man accused of his toddler’s death and disappearance is the same man who crashed into her.

“I am completely shocked and disgusted,” said Cook.

Cook said she doesn’t have a hard time believing the same man who told police he stood by as his little girl choked on milk is the same man who crashed into her. She says he didn’t call 911 after she was injured in the September 2015 crash.

“I remember him asking me was I okay,” said Cook. “I told him no and for that part, he just continued to mess with his phone and stay close to his car, and that was about the only interaction he had.”

Police say Mathews didn’t get his daughter Sherin help or call 911 after she started choking on milk on October 7. Police said Mathews said he was “physically assisting her in drinking milk his daughter didn’t want.

The crash with Cook happened off 635 in Irving.

Cook said Wesley Mathews rear-ended her as she was at a yield.

The day of the crash, Mathews was driving the same Acura SUV that was the focus of the Richardson Police investigation.

Mathews admitted he dumped Sherin’s body.

sherin mathews 1 Exclusive: Crash Victim Suing Deceased Childs Father Is Shocked And Disgusted

(credit: Richardson Police Department)

The 22-pound toddler was found in a culvert less than a mile from her home two weeks after she disappeared.

Cook said she went to the hospital after the crash.

Two years later, she’s still getting treated. She’s asking for between $100,000 to $200,000 to pay for mounting medical bills.

The trial for the crash is set for February 2018.

Cook’s lawyer said the damages they are seeking won’t come directly from Mathews, but from his insurance.

They don’t believe the outcome of his trial shouldn’t affect the crash trial.

Here is the crash lawsuit: