Betsy Brandt fell in love with acting when she went on a high school field trip to watch a play in Canada. Early in her career, Brandt just wanted to be on someone’s show. Never did the Michigan native image being part of two hit shows in “Breaking Bad” and “Life in Pieces.” While Brandt is known for many dramatic roles in her career, she plays a witty character named Heather alongside stars Colin Hanks and James Brolin on the CBS sitcom “Life In Pieces,” which begins its third season tonight at 9:30pm EST.

Brandt stopped by the CBS Local Studio to discuss “Life in Pieces”, working on “Breaking Bad” and why the Flint water crisis has been such a personal issue for her.

“I love playing Heather on Life in Pieces,” Brandt told CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith in a recent sit-down interview. “I love being part of that family. It’s such a talented group of actors and nice people.”

Brandt knows a thing or two about working with talented actors after playing Marie on “Breaking Bad.” While Brandt admits that Marie was a difficult character to get along with, she had a feeling from the get go that this show would be a hit.

“I told my husband that Breaking Bad was the best pilot I’ve ever read. It was an actor’s dream to be on that set and work with that group of actors. To watch Bryan Cranston in rehearsal before we started shooting was such a fascinating experience.”

Catch Betsy tonight on the season three premiere of “Life in Pieces” at 9:30pm EST on CBS.