DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The racial and ethnic diversity of North Texas does not erase the lines of color, race and segregation.

Many say Dallas neighborhoods are still defined by race and income.

The leader of a Dallas coalition is offering a plan to move away from old challenges, by getting people to move next to each other through housing proposals.

Concentrated poverty and segregation are at crisis levels in Dallas.

“That’s why we need to educate our political leaders,” said Mike Koprowski.

Koprowski leads Opportunity Dallas.

What he has and what he says, is a blueprint to dissolve and lower those levels, by changing Dallas’ housing history.

“We are talking about really economically diverse communities that capture a range of folks- wealthy executive to teacher and firefighter, janitor and housing voucher holder,” he said.

He points to housing in Dallas where neighborhoods are carved by color and economic condition for generations…. as the city’s symbols of struggle and failure.

His housing policy resolution, created with a task force of 30 others, is billed as a foundation for the fight to build Dallas neighborhoods that all people can afford.

Dallas school board trustee Miguel Solis wants the Dallas City Council to turn the Opportunity Dallas resolution into a substantive solution for Dallas’ housing divide.

“Housing policy is education policy, when you think about how we increase achievement across our city, without talking about housing, we won’t completely get there,” says Solis.

Opportunity Dallas submits its housing resolution to the Dallas council on Monday.