DALLAS (CBS11) – She complied and her life was still taken.

Dallas Police now believe whoever robbed and shot Gabrielle Simmons, 27, at a Dollar General on Monday had an accomplice who served as a lookout.

dollargeneral2 Dollar General Victim Was Working To Buy Christmas Presents

Gabrielle Simmons (courtesy of Simmons family)

Simmons, a mother of six children, was shot in the chest after giving up the money in her register during the robbery.

“That was a very coward move of him. She gave up not only the money but she gave him the whole register and he still shot and killed her,” said Christopher Simmons, the victim’s brother.

Simmons said his sister was working at Dollar General to save up money to buy Christmas presents for her kids.

“She didn’t do anything wrong. She just went to work, she was on the clock working. She complied with everything and still lost her life,” said Simmons.

Investigators released new security camera footage on Wednesday night that appears to show a second person working with the gunman.

dollar general gunman Dollar General Victim Was Working To Buy Christmas Presents

Dollar General (surveillance)

Police believe the gunman was wearing distinctive sliced-up jeans with a teal baseball cap.

“I mean he took away a daughter, he took away a loving mother, he took a loving sister, he took a loving friend, he took a good caring person who didn’t deserve it,” said Simmons. “She was only 27 years old.”

Simmons said what worries him is that whoever pulled the trigger could strike again.

“It could happen to anyone of us. It could happen to you; it could happen to me. You’re just trying to go out and provide for your family and your kids,” said Simmons.

While the words are tough to find, Simmons said he only has one question for whoever killed his sister.

“This is my blood. Why would ever do such a thing?” questioned Simmons. “You got everything you wanted and you could have just easily ran out the store.

The Simmons are working to figure out a way to keep all of her six kids together while planning Gabrielle’s funeral.

They also want to see increased security at Dollar General stores.