DALLAS (CBS11) – Marked by potholes, huge cracks, and uneven pavement, parts of Matilda Street, in Dallas’ M-Streets neighborhood is ranked “p” for poor.

Drivers who live near here like Elizabeth Phillips, know it all too well.

“It’s definitely pretty rough.  My car definitely gets scraped and bumped every time I drive it.”

Now that Dallas voters overwhelmingly approved borrowing $534 million, this and hundreds of others streets and alleys will soon see major improvements.

Mayor Mike Rawlings says he understands drivers’ frustrations. “I had to spend some money on my wife’s tires the other day on something like that – it’s going to help.”

After some bond projects have previously taken years longer to complete, the Mayor says he wants street improvements made quickly.

“They need to start early next year.”

The man who oversees the 2017 bond project, Assistant City Manager Majed Al-Ghafry, says work will get started on some projects in three to four months from now.

And he says the nearly 1,000 streets and alley projects will be completed in the next five years. “It is November 7, 2022 or earlier. That was my commitment to the city council. That was my commitment to the city manager and that’s my commitment to Dallas voters.”

Al-Ghafry says the city will set up an interactive website in which residents can track each project’s progress in real-time.

As for Elizabeth Phillips, she didn’t vote but is relieved others did.

“I think that’s great. I think it’s good they’re wanting to fix up some roads in our city that definitely need help.”