GRAND PRAIRIE (CBS11) – A junk car turned in an award-winning museum quality collectible.

It was all done by some gifted Grand Prairie ISD students.

But the owner of the vehicle is the school district’s superintendent which raises questions among some about about whether she should keep it.

A spokesman for Grand Prairie’s superintendent says she was just helping out auto tech students by bringing them a junk vehicle to restore.

A junk 1972 El Camino purchased by Grand Prairie ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Hull.

Students at Dubiski Career High School spent months restoring it and now It’s an award winning collectible that the owner of Texas Classic Cars of Dallas says is worth a lot of money.

“This was a very extensive repair ,” says manager Tim Wiley.”I’m seeing it in a range of $20,000 to $32,000.”

The El Camino is stored at the school and used in videos promoting the student’s work.

But the vehicle is still owned by the superintendent which has some parents questioning her motives.

“You have children that are actually performing the labor on an older car that we all know that once it’s restored can cash in for thousands of dollars,” says Angela Luckey, a Grand Prairie ISD parent.

Former Grand Prairie teacher Bart Scott calls it a sweetheart deal.

“If it’s a service that eligible to any Grand Prairie resident I’m sure there’s 100,000 people ready to line up to go out by junk car to bring it to Grand Prairie so that they can walk away with a $30 or $50,000 vehicle that sounds like a great deal,” says Scott.

The district, says Hull used a service offered to anyone and was required to pay for parts on the rebuild.

But restoration experts say paid labor costs that she avoided would have been staggering.

“A lot more than what the car is worth,” says Wiley. “I would speculate between $75,000 to maybe $100,000”

A Grand Prairie ISD spokesman released a statement to CBS11 saying, “The Superintendent has not benefitted in any way from the Auto Tech/Auto Collision Repair students’ using this vehicle to develop real-world skills and showcase their work in local, regional, and statewide competition. Any suggestion otherwise is outrageously false.”

Hull is currently facing a school board inquiry into reimbursed remodeling expenses without approval on her $400,000 home.