by Stewart McKenzie | CBS11 Producer

NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – Local musician Josh Weathers and his wife, Kady, are on a mission that takes them more than 8,000 miles away from North Texas to a village in India.

“There’s some of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see on planet earth. But then at the same time, in the same 100 yards, you’ll see something that’s the most destitute. You’ll see people with no hope,” explains Josh.

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The Weathers were overwhelmed by what they saw as they went to India to adopt a child.

“We knew as soon as we got off the airplane that this is where God wants us to be,” said Weathers. “Without education and one without a safe upbringing, there is a good opportunity for those girls to be sold into some sex trafficking or slave trafficking.”

Josh Weathers (CBS11)

Out of one of those trips to India the idea of Hope Home was born.

“We believe opening this girl’s home will just offer even more protection to as many as we can possibly, you know, come across and help,” said Kady.

Their dream started with a piece of land in a village. The Weathers quickly found out it wasn’t going to be cheap.

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After ten years on the road and shows almost every night, Josh had put down his guitar and stopped traveling from town-to-town and bars and clubs. However, in just over an hour, he had booked enough house concerts and private venues to raise $30,000 to buy the land.

“The whole conception of Hope Home or Love Like You Mean It, which is the name of our non-profit, happened. These things happened quick,” said Josh.

Hope Home now has a six-foot high wall and the first of several houses for girls and staff. Eventually, the goal is to give shelter for one hundred girls and educate 500 children in the village.

The Weathers believe that what they’re doing in India is now a lifelong project.

“I’ve pictured our children and their children just playing on the land and interacting with all the children we’ll be impacting over the years,” explained Kady.

The entire project will require multiple trips to India and about $1 million raised from Josh’s concerts and donors.

“I’ll spend a season playing music, playing shows and using that platform to raise awareness of what we’re doing in India. And then also using those funds to fund the Hope Home,” Josh told CBS 11.

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To learn more about Hope Home click here.