DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – With the Dallas Cowboys all but eliminated from making the NFL playoffs this year, owner Jerry Jones seems to be unwavering in his support of head coach Jason Garrett.

“Nobody understands where we need to improve more than Jason (Garrett)” said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on his weekly show with 105.3 The Fan.

One year ago the Cowboys were on a magical run after losing their first game to the New York Giants, the Cowboys went undefeated for 11 straight games. The streak ended with them losing again to the Giants in week 14.

Following that season, head coach Jason Garrett was named coach of the year. But that was a year ago, and now Dallas has almost no chance to make the playoffs while sitting with a 5-6 record after Week 12.

Owner Jerry Jones seems to have complete confidence in his coach.

“But I, without a question, have seen Jason evolve” said Jones. “The key thing is, he is very capable. No one understands any better where we need to improve than Jason does.”

“We’re dealing with last year’s coach of the year. I just want to remind everybody. It just shows that the sun doesn’t shine on the dog’s bad end every time” said Jones.

While many Cowboys fans would disagree, Jones doesn’t worry about the rough season so far.

“I put my head in the sand many times” said Jones. “I don’t dwell on the negatives … I really look for the positives.”