DALLAS (CBS11) – Cold temperatures swept through North Texas on Thursday night and created headaches for some residents.

It was the first time many homeowners put their heat on in almost a year.

“Oh I knew it was coming,” said Albert Rodriquez, a heating and AC technician for Rescue Air.

As the temperatures dip, his work load only gets higher.

Rodriguez said people often forget to change their dirty air filters and that can cause power shortages.

“I was confused thinking I had the heat on but I don’t know why cold air is coming out,” said Joel Chin Fatt, a Dallas resident. “I expected the heat, but I didn’t expect how cold it could get.”

Dave Forehand at the Dallas Arboretum is all too familiar with the fluctuating North Texas Temperatures.

“We always have so many new people that are moving here that aren’t used to this type of weather,” said Forehand.

He spent the afternoon helping remind folks how not to kill their plants.

Forehand urges folks to use cloth towels or blankets. He said plastic tarps or bags can suffocate flowers and vegetables.

Mechanics are also warning folks to check their air pressure, coolant levels and batteries as temperatures near the freezing mark.