by Brooke Rogers | CBS11

DALLAS (CBS11) – A Dallas theater director is the latest to be out of a job after allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Lee Trull with the Dallas Theater Center was fired Monday night, right in the middle of production of “A Christmas Carol,” which he was directing.

Lee Trull – former Dallas Theater Center director

Now, an article published by theater publication “Theaterjones” says there were many more victims. Some of them claim Trull harassed or even grabbed them over his years at Dallas Theater Center, where he was director of new play development. In that role, he also worked with high school and college students.

One of them was actress Kelsey Milbourn, who says his behavior was an open secret in the theater community. She was a freshman at TCU when she met Trull, and she says he found her number and started sending her “flirty and suggestive texts.”

She says he offered work that didn’t exist, tried to get her alone with him and even sent a lewd picture. She says her hope in coming forward is that he won’t do it to anyone else.

“I was seeing the same habits. It was over and over, all suggestive, trying to get them to come with him or meet him somewhere or to a hotel or for a cuddle or an interview. He kind on cornered them, that I had to set up and say something,” Milbourn says.

The Dallas Theater Center released the following statement:

“Theater is a collaborative art form that requires each person to bring his or her whole self to work and participate in the creative process. Dallas Theater Center is committed to providing the type of environment necessary for the creative process to flourish. Anyone who contributes to an unsafe, unwelcome, or inequitable environment not only violates DTC’s policies, but also undermines DTC’s fundamental goal of creating the highest quality theatrical art that deeply engages our community.

DTC recently received a complaint about inappropriate behavior by Lee Trull. DTC promptly investigated and determined that the alleged conduct is a violation of DTC’s policies. As a result, Lee’s employment was terminated Monday, Dec. 4, effective immediately. DTC remains dedicated to taking any action necessary to ensure a safe workplace, free of harassment, for all employees.”

CBS11 tried to reach Trull for comment but was unable to do so.