By Ken Foote

(CBS11) – This R&B vocal trio hailed from Los Angeles, with its leader, Don Julian, originally from Houston, Texas.

Originally known as Don Julian & The Meadowlarks, the group had a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the fall of 1964 entitled, “The Jerk,” a song about a dance.

Now, you don’t hear this song too often, even on Sirius XM 60’s On 6. I had forgotten about this song as a kid, but one day a few years ago, I was listening to an air check from 1965 by Los Angeles DJ Dave Hull. Known as the “Hullabalooer,” Dave was a KRLA personality there along with Bob Eubanks and Dick Biondi. He had been doing the 9pm-12am shift but became so popular he was moved to the lucrative 3pm-6pm shift. KRLA and KHJ were the top rated Top 40 stations in Los Angeles during the 60’s.

In this air check, this song airs after the famous KRLA top of hour ID/slug line, “Serving Southern California From Pasadena!”

Later on, I wrote to Hull and told him I was one of his fans and I received a letter back! Today he is retired and lives in Palm Springs, California. But anyway, the song made an impression with me!

Written by Julian himself on the Money record label (seriously), the lyrics go like this:

Girl, hey what’s that you’re doin’?
Girl, girl, what’s that you’re doin’?
You’ve got to show me the steps to it
Somehow I’m gonna learn how to do it
Do the jerk, hey
Do the jerk, girl, come on and work, hey
Do the jerk
Girl, how do you move your hips so fine?
Girl (come on time)
Work it out, right on time
Everybodys got the beat, hey look at me
Doin’ the jerk, yeah, now watch me work
Girl, now do the jerk, hey,do the jerk”

The song rose to #7 in 1964 but as we say, the group was “one and done”. So from 1964, The Larks with “The Jerk”