DALLAS (CBS11) – It is the marathon finish that left multiple people feeling like winners.

In videos and pictures that have now been shared thousands of times, 17-year-old Ariana Luterman can be seen helping the eventually women’s winner Chandler Self make it to the BMW Dallas Marathon finish line Sunday.

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BMW Dallas Marathon women’s finish

“My motherly instincts kicked in,” says the Greenhill School senior with a laugh. But, then she was quick to add, “she (Self) did it all on her own in the end, that grit and determination that it takes to get there… pretty amazing.”

That’s the word being used to describe Luterman as well, long before her finish line act of kindness launched her into the national spotlight.

“I started competing in triathlons at 7,” says Luterman. At 10, she was competing against adults. So Luterman decided to parlay that attention into a way to support her second passion: helping homeless kids.

“At age 10, I started Team Ariana. I’ve raised over $150,000 for homeless kids.”

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And while she is excited that her instant fame will allow her to talk about those important causes, Luterman insists that anyone would have done the same.

She was running the final leg of a relay team of the fastest girls from schools around north Texas. So, Luterman makes it clear that she only had to run two miles instead of 26. Still, the Greenhill School senior has shown that she isn’t just an elite athlete– she’s an exceptional human being. So don’t listen to her when she says:

“I’m nothing special. Any of the other 25 kids on the relay team would have done the exact same thing if they were in my position. Any normal human would have done the same thing if they were in my position… if someone’s in pain you’re going to help them out.”

She is indeed special. But she admits some of the fuss has been a little fun.

“I was driving to school, and I was just trying to listen to some music and I heard my name! Honestly, it’s been pretty overwhelming. Pretty exciting, though,” she adds with a laugh, while sharing that she’s also received few marriage proposals!

Luterman says she has not spoken with Self since she was whisked away from the finish line by medical staff. But, she’s glad to hear that the women’s marathon winner has recovered and is doing well. So now, the still humble teen has a request for the rest of us: carry the kindness forward.

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“Anyone can make a difference in the life of another… and it’s so easy to make someone’s day a kittle bit brighter,” says Luterman. “It’s so easy to make the world a little bit of a better place by just by simply picking someone up when they’re down. Quite literally.”