HURST (CBS11) – The Hurst City Council unanimously voted down a proposed zoning change Tuesday night that would have allowed a new apartment complex, opposed by many of its neighbors.

For more than two hours, council members listened to members of the public, most of them upset residents living along Euless-Bedford Road.

“It’s going to increase traffic. It’s going to hurt our property values, as well,” said Lisa Baxley.

The 120-unit complex, which would have offered affordable housing options in the area, would have gone up where a vacant strip mall now stands. While neighbors want to see new development there, they worry multi-family housing would strain overcrowded schools and increase crime.

One notable speaker, a uniformed police officer, warned the apartments’ residents would attract criminal activity.

“The folks that come and visit their baby mamas, the folks that come and visit the single parent households, they will pillage and plunder everything they can get their hands on as far around this apartment complex as they can get,” he said to applause.

The developer, Gardner Capital, said it intended to manage the property itself and maintain strict residency requirements. It noted several changes it had already made, reducing the number of units and redesigning the exit points, to accommodate some of the community’s concerns.

City Council, ultimately, voted against the project, concerned about allowing more apartments so close to single family homes.