Each year I collect a list of my favorite songs and since i’ve got a little vacation time i’ve decided to extend my normal list of 10 songs to 30 songs. Disclaimer, I listen to very little mainstream music and i’m an indie rocker through and through. Everything will be alright.

30. The Hotel Mary Chang by Electric Six

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You can leave it to Electric Six to make things weird at all times. The breakdown at 2:03 with the addition of the horns had me at hello.

29. Bad Citizen by Hey Geronimo

Seen as up and coming indie rock darlings, Hey Geronimo nailed with this release from 2017. The chorus is money.

28. Love is Mystical by Cold War Kids

One of the few bands that I like that i’ve never seen in concert before. They’ve gotten much more poppy over the years. I remember missing them for 13 dollars at Lola’s in Fort Worth back in college. I liked this song from their latest album, which was also the first single released from said album.

27. Call The Police by LCD Soundsystem

The lead single from LCD Soundsystem’s 2017 album American Dream comes across as a poor man’s “All My Friends”. This one grew on me as the year continued.

26. Hot Thoughts by Spoon

They’ve taken their rock music and turned it into dance music. I don’t hang out in clubs much, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this groovy ditty at a house of dancing.

25. Heartworms by The Shins

Leave it to The Shins to write an upbeat poppy song about a girl being so cold that it gives them Heartworms.

24. Rockstar City by Alex The Astronaut

A simple song that seems to be about this ole girl being nervous while performing at a rock show and then getting through the stage fright and having a killer performance.

23. Sad Blondes by Le Trouble

A band that I know very little about, but they’ve consistently pumped out a song or two each year that really catches my attention. 0:35 is the moneyshot for my favorite part of this song structure.

22. If U C My Enemies by Rubblebucket

I love this band. I love her voice and I love the big brass section that accompanies all of their tunes. This is from their 2017 EP.

21. The Man by The Killers

Despite being a pretty weak album which I defined as a Brandon Flowers call for help, the lead single came through. The lyrics are cheesy, but I think it’s a bit and on purpose. This song is such a funkmobile that the lyrics don’t even matter.

20. Gone Gone Gone by Ruby Bones

The former front man of Boxed Wine has taken a more rock persona in this outfit. The 3 minute mark is where this song sets it’s self apart from other rock noise.

19. American Dream by LCD Soundsystem

Well this one is deep. Feels like a 1960s ballroom tune. I can’t get over this line and how painful it is…
Find the place where you can be boring Where you won’t need to explain That you’re sick in the head and you wish you were dead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML1MUKOJIIo

18. Candy May by Alex Cameron

God this is so 80s.

17. Domesticated Animals by Queens of the Stone Age

My favorite track from their 2017 album. For some reason this song had a sense of urgency to it. I’m not sure if that’s what Josh was going for but to me when I hear this song I always think of the fear of getting nuked and what that reality would actually be like for us.

16. Chocolate by Big Boi

What a beast. A combination of trap/hip hop/dance, this is a great song from a pretty solid album with an excellent album name Boomiverse.

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15. Creature Comfort by Arcade Fire

I feel like this song is about teen suicide, but leave it to Arcade Fire to make a song about such a dark topic, so very pleasant.

14. Electric Blue by Arcade Fire

Yes, back to back Arcade Fire. This song was meh to me at first and then after getting over all preconceived thoughts about how a song is supposed to sound, I finally just let it happen and realized, “holy hell this one is a banger”. Disco music from a technically disco album. Respect.

13. You’re Dreaming by Wolf Parade

Normally not a fan of too much keyboard but this is a keyboard heavy song that doesn’t distract from the vibe of the song. As you can tell by the video, this is an upbeat song.

12. Day I Die by The National

First of all let’s make this clear, The National’s drummer Bryan Devendorf deserves to be talked about as one of the best percussionists that rock music has ever seen. I’m not getting into a Neal Peart/Carter Beauford type debate, i’m just saying that he’s awesome and his variety of skills and tempos really separate him from the pack. This song is fascinating to me, and they go with a guitar tone and riff that really proves that this band continues to experiment and have success in it’s experimentation. Love them.

11. Call Me Pretty by Alexander F

This feels like The Talking Heads to me. Weird verse, amazing chorus.

10. Wolf Lie Down by The Fresh and Onlys

First thing of note here is the running bassline. I remember the first time I heard this song and just getting lost because you just don’t know where it’s going and it’s so repetitive which is normally a bad thing but when you enjoy the repetitive nature of something then you know it’s special.

9. Ghosting by Ruby Bones

It’s a cover of a Mother Mother song but I really don’t care, I like this version better. Perfect for Halloween.

8. That Groove by Westpark

This sounds like an Alabama Shakes song. Soulful and tight.

7. Something To Remember Me By by The Horrors

This is pop/dance music with the attitude of an emotional Blink 182. Not mad at your parents Blink 182, but my girlfriend just broke up with me Blink 182.

6. Always Ascending by Franz Ferdinand

With their lead guitarist leaving the band, Franz Ferdinand begins it’s next chapter with a new album in 2018. This is the first single from the future album, and they begin their new chapter with a dancy banger that sounds like….oh I don’t know…Franz Effing Ferdinand. God, I love this band and am pleased to report that i’ll be seeing them for the first time in 2018.

5. I Used To by LCD Soundsystem

As a guy who’s turning 30 in January, (and I realize i’m not that old), it’s not hard to look in the mirror a lot though and think about things. Why are my bones hurting more after a night of drinking? What is this back soreness? Did you hear my ankle pop? This song is about aging and it’s so spot on.

4. Bone China Face by Teleman

One of my favorite bands and more criminally underrated bands is Pete and the Pirates. 3 of the 4 members of Pete and The Pirates comprise Teleman and this is a song from their latest EP. Thumping bass, trippy synth breakdown, powerful rhythm guitar and oh my God, KT is so happy.

3. Put Your Money on Me by Arcade Fire

Win Butler claimed that this was one of the best songs they’ve recorded and I don’t disagree at all. Kind of feels like a powerful 80s song. Also a simple message in this song that I really relate to. As a person who’s dying to be taken seriously, something I fight every single day, something that is compromised because of my quirks, I’m dying for people to put their money on me. I know it’s not easy. But I won’t let you down, even though I will.

2. You Came To Party by Too Short

When I heard this song at the end of an episode of Silicon Valley, I immediately stopped what I was doing and sought out this song and then listened to it maybe 20 times in a 2 day period. This is everything a banger should be, except more. EDM/Rap/Bowie WHAT? I mean this song is just incredible. NSFW though.

1. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness by The National

To me, this is the greatest song they’ve ever done. Amazing guitar tone that is so unique. Nobody is doing anything that sounds like that. Basic minimalist piano part keeps the song on the road. A phenomenal guitar solo from a band that doesn’t do guitar solos. And of course, how could I forget the range of the normally bassy Matt Beringer. This sound is perfect, and that’s why it’s my #1 song of the year.

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