DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – The Dallas City Council will pay another $375,000 for the removal and relocation of a Confederate monument.

At Tuesday’s Dallas City Council meeting, a vote was taken to spend the additional funds on removal and relocation of the Robert E. Lee statue from the Oak Lawn area of Dallas.

Two council members voted against the payment, but there was no explanation.

Lee’s statue was taken out of a park that once bore his name back in September. The city has already paid an estimated $85,000, which would bring the total cost of removal to just over $450,000.

Critics say the total cost could have been cut nearly in half had the statue been taken down immediately after council approved its removal.

Legal fights and a fatal crash that stalled the arrival of the crane that was used to remove the large statue led to the delays and postponed the removal of the monument for several weeks.