By J.D. Miles

DALLAS (CBS11) – He went from obscurity to the most popular airline employee in the country all because of a viral video.

But for a few moments at Love Field last week, delays were overshadowed by dancing at one terminal.

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Chris Anderson is a Southwest Airlines ramp agent at Love Field who guides planes into gates and helps load and unload baggage.

But on Friday evening he became a dance instructor to little girls inside the terminal waiting for a flight to Oklahoma.

“I just happened to look up the in the window and I said there’s two little girls dancing I thought I might join along,” Anderson said. “I looked up and they did wave and then I looked back and I waved and then they started doing little dance routines and I follow them and they started following me.”

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The girls’ father recorded video that has close to tw0 million views online.

“The next day when I went to work another coworker that I work with came up to me and said hey like what you did and I said what are you talking about?,” he says.

With airport blackouts and weather delays across the nation, dancing may be the last thing holiday travelers feel like doing.

But Anderson’s uplifting personality makes everyone want to.

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“I like to entertain. I like to make people happy with so many different things happening in the world at this time. So if I can turn things to positive and if I can see the parents are happy, the kids are happy, I know I’ve done my job for the day,” he says.