THE COLONY, Texas (CBS11) – Carolyn and Lauren Vinita are reluctant to return to their house.

“I won’t go back until the blood is cleaned up,” Carolyn said while sitting next to her adult daughter inside a relatives residence. The mother-daughter duo were still reeling from a violent break-in and subsequent shooting inside their house.

It left one man dead, and police facing questions about their actions.

The Colony Police Department said officers shot and killed Shaquille Rogers after he threatened officers with a knife.

Shaquille Rogers

Rogers lived two blocks from the Vinita home.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the women heard a crash at the back patio door. “He looked straight ahead, very calm, just walked in my house,” Carolyn Vinita recalled.

The women ran and called 911.

“He looked at me, walked toward the counter and grabbed a steak knife,” Lauren Vinita said.

The Colony Police say one officer responded initially. The women watched from outside. Other officers arrived. “All of a sudden you can hear the cops raise their voices. Then you hear gunshots, Lauren said. “They (police) are our heroes. They saved our lives. They did everything right,” Carolyn Vinita said.

“It makes no sense,” Dion Burkes said Wednesday. Burkes lives across the street from Rogers. He said he’s known Rogers for 18 years. The local pastor said he was devastated by the news of Rogers’ killing, and the criminal act that led to the police shooting. “I broke down and cried. It couldn’t be. Like I lost my own son. He was a great man. A veteran.”

“It was horrible. Nothing in my house was worth dying for. It makes no sense,” Carolyn Vinita stated.

The Colony Police is handing over the officer-involved shooting investigation to the Texas Rangers.